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Romantic and Creative Valentine's Day Proposal Ideas & 5 Tips You Need To Know

Updated: Feb 15

Proposal season is coming. Valentine's Day is one of the most popular proposal dates. Sometimes it can be expected that someone will get engaged on that day. If you feel like it is too expected to propose on Valentine's day, consider proposing the week of or the week after Valentine's Day for an additional special celebration near the Valentine's Day date.

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If you are planning to propose around Valentine's Day, here a few tips for you to consider.

  1. Start planning early. Especially if you are looking to make reservations in a public restaurant or an experience that sells tickets or has limited space.

  2. Have a discussion about the expectations for the proposal. Should it be private or or they ok with a public moment. Are friends and family expected to be there?

  3. If it is a large group, rely on a professional planner to support you with the logistics and planning.

  4. Think outside the box - consider experiences. Think about you both as a couple and what you might do that you can customize a moment that is just for the two of you.

  5. Think about the spending range you want to stay in. This time of year can be costly - red roses, chocolate, restaurants, etc.

If you are looking for Valentine’s Day proposal ideas I would recommend a few different options.

For proposals with just the 2 of you and minimal planning, consider the following:

  • A paint date night - create a piece with the date on it that you can take home

  • A private dance lesson and then end up on one knee after that last twirl at the end of the routine or the class (make sure to give your instructor a heads up)

  • Cook dinner at home together and end the night with dinner and a proposal - it can be pizza, tacos, whatever you like, just make it together.

For custom proposals like these that require more logistics and planning, please contact your local proposal planner as soon as possible.

  • A photo shoot where you first met or your first date location with a private dinner

  • A rented event space for a valentine's day themed party as the cover for a surprise proposal with friends & family

  • A day trip that goes to 1-3 locations and ends up with a surprise proposal in a special location (could be private car with just the 2 of you or a sprinter bus/limo with your family & friends going to multiple locations; or the friends & family hop on at location 2 or 3 for an extra special surprise)

  • A winery or vineyard proposal

If you are looking for specific and custom proposal ideas for your special surprise propose, contact me here! I would be happy to be your DC Proposal Planner!

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