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Now That You're Engaged! Essential Steps for Newly Engaged Couples

Updated: Feb 26

Congratulations on your engagement! I can't wait to hear all about it! But now that you're engaged, here are a few tips that may help you and your fiancé(e) enjoy this time of celebration and keep your minds at ease.

Engagement Ring; Newly Engaged Couples

1. Get Engagement Ring Insurance

Now that you have this sentimental piece of jewelry, it is important that you take precaution in case it gets lost, stolen or damaged. Your ring is a major investment; consider protecting it and your piece of mind (and your fiancé's). You can check in with your jeweler for insurance recommendations or consider contacting your homeowner's insurance regarding an extension or a rider to your current policy. Check out this article by Brides Magazine on How To Get Engagement Ring Insurance: 9 Things You Need To Know for additional engagement ring insurance tips.

2. Open A Savings Account

Savings for Newly Engaged Couples, Piggy Bank

As a newly engaged couple, now is the time to discuss the details regarding your budget for the wedding. Take your time and have an in depth conversation about your budget needs, wants and expectations. Consider an amount for each category (i.e., Venue, Catering, Attire, Entertainment, etc.). Discuss opening an account for your wedding expenses. When you start the planning process, vendors may ask about your budget for services. For now, you can open an account to save for your wedding. There are so many different savings account options. Consider the one that works for you.

Monthly calendar in a planner Notebook and pen to consider potential wedding dates for Newly Engaged Couples

3. Consider Wedding Dates

Start thinking about potential dates (yes, more than one) that you would like to schedule your wedding and write them down. Once you start your wedding planning process, the availability of a venue, wedding vendors or even family members may impact the date of your wedding. You want to make sure everyone is onboard and available to celebrate your special day!

Consider dates in 2024 that are not peak times. Consider weekday or Sundays and also off-peak months. Keep in mind, that some 2025 or 2026 calendars for venues & vendors may not be open just yet.

4. Start A Registry or Honeymoon Fund

beach honeymoon for Newly Engaged Couples

There are probably a lot of things you will want or need as you begin to start your life as Mr. & Mrs. If you are starting from scratch and you know what you want, you can start a registry with My Registry. You can access multiple stores all on one registry. If you are pretty much settled and you want something a little more adventurous, you can ask for gift cards or contributions towards your honeymoon on All you will need to do is choose your destination! You can find my handpicked selection of items and activities designed specifically for newly engaged couples in my Amazon Storefront.

5. Schedule A Video Call With A Local Vendor

laptop, coffee mug and phone planning for Newly Engaged Couples

Throughout your area there are wedding vendors with services and products for you as you begin the wedding planning process. Wedding planners, venues, photographers, florists, DJ's and more. Scheduling a call with a vendor is a great way to get information, ask questions, get inspiration, discuss plans and just have fun. You can ask about their services and explore vendors who really get your vision or that may have a style that you like. It is your engagement time after all, enjoy it and build your wedding vendor team!

6. Learn All About Prenups

As you step into the journey of marriage, it's vital to contemplate practical aspects that pave the way for a harmonious life for both partners. Among these considerations, the Prenuptial Agreement, commonly known as a 'prenup,' often emerges as a topic marked by questions and uncertainty. What is a prenup? And what can you include in one? Who should get a prenup? Why should we get a prenup? To shed light on this topic, I've collaborated with Christy Zlatkus from Z Family Law, who has generously shared her expertise on this topic. Learn all about prenups here.

pen to sign for newly engaged couple

Wishing you a joy-filled and unforgettable journey throughout your engagement! Should you have any questions, require further assistance, or wish to explore more delightful ideas as you plan for this special time, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here to ensure that every step leading up to your big day is as blissful and stress-free as possible.

Congratulations again, and may your engagement be filled with love, laughter, and beautiful moments!

All The Best,


engagement ring on a female hand over a bouquet of red roses; Newly Engaged Couples

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