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Remembering Your Loved Ones On Your Wedding Day

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

There is a lot to consider when planning a wedding. If you have experienced a loss of a loved one who has passed away, you and your partner may be considering ways to honor and remember your loved ones. It is natural to miss them and to want to honor them on your special day. Some couples may feel comfortable sharing the memory of their loved ones, while others may not be. There is no right or wrong way to honor your loved one. Honor them in the way that you are most comfortable. Here are some ways to honor and remember your loved one on your wedding day through private and shared remembrances. You can do a few or as many as you choose as well as a combination of these suggestions.

This blog post was written with weddings in mind, but these suggestions can be used for any moment or experience to remember and honor a loved one you have lost and miss dearly.

  • Sew your loved one's name in your wedding dress or tuxedo jacket or on a handkerchief that you carry with you throughout the day.

  • Wear their favorite scent/perfume/cologne on your wedding day or wedding weekend.

  • Wear a signature item that they loved to wear (i.e., hat, watch, ring, locket/necklace, cufflinks, etc.).

  • Put a special picture in a locket.

  • Incorporate their favorite color or flowers in the wedding.

  • Arrive to or depart from the wedding in their favorite style of car.

  • Take photos with their special items while you are getting ready; include the items in the wedding detail shots.

  • Display their favorite quote/bible verse/song lyrics on the welcome sign at the bottom or on mirrors with calligraphy writing.

  • Display some of their personal items on the welcome table/escort table along with pictures of you as a couple, family pictures and flowers.

  • Celebrate with their favorite foods during cocktail hour or their favorite dessert (Name the items after them).

  • Celebrate with their favorite themes as your wedding theme.

  • Have family members share well wishes for the couple and memories of the loved one at your digital photo/video booth (the couple can keep the digital videos).

  • Display notecards on a memorial table and have guests who knew your loved one write down their favorite memory with them.

  • Play their favorite song as the wedding party walks in or in place of the traditional bridal song. 

  • Instead of table numbers, name each table the name of the city that person was born in.

  • Candle lighting during the beginning of the ceremony - have a family member light it before the wedding party, bride and groom walk in.

For more suggestions and details on memorializing your loved ones on your wedding day, take a listen to the Hue I Do Podcast on How To Properly Memorialize Your Loved Ones.

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Handkerchief & Bouquet/Music Photos: Tor Del Photography, Victoria Turner


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