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What You Need To Know About Minimalist Weddings

Updated: May 29

Beauty, Grace, Love and Creativity Is Found In The Details.

I created this statement for my business because I wanted to make sure I incorporated my values and beliefs. I also believe that Simple is Beautiful. I love the elements of vintage, modern and romantic. I also love lace and I like the design to be clean and classic.

I have always loved the idea of minimalism. I didn't know the word for it a few years ago, but I am so glad we do now! Minimalist doesn’t have to mean bare or boring. You can focus on you and your fiancé and the things that matter the most to you - venue, flowers, a feature space or feature wall (backdrop), etc. Does being outside matter to your wedding design concept? Do you want to include elements that have been so valuable to you in your relationship (e.g., your favorite flowers, favorite food, favorite scents)? I could go on and on.

You could incorporate your values and what is truly important to you in your wedding design. You can choose different types of centerpieces or display designs for your cake or even decorate the ceremony alter true to you. You can pick and choose the wedding traditions you want to follow - the food/dessert you choose, assigned seating arrangements or we are all family - sit together, your attire, the decor, the stationery, etc. You can be creative! You can use different furniture pieces and create a cool space. Choosing the elements that you value most and focusing on them in your wedding design will make them stand out more. It can be a theme, type of food, a color, fabric, or anything. You can customize to your needs and desires for your wedding with a minimalist wedding design. Also, the design doesn’t have to be all white or all one color. Color can be incorporated into your wedding design. But it should definitely tie in together and be cohesive!

I love the Brides Article: 30 Minimalist Wedding Decor Ideas. I love the idea of this bar cart holding the cake and the flowers on the wall in frames! I can't get enough!

If you need help putting together a minimalist design and you're ready to get started, just contact me and let's starting planning your wedding!

All the best,


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