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The Relationship You Never Knew You Needed: DC Wedding Planner & Floral Designer

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Let's talk about the relationship between vendors. Most importantly the relationship between your planner and your florist and the roles we both have for your event. Let's talk about a DC Wedding Planner & Floral Designer.

Your vendor team can make or break the type of event you envision. It is important for your vendors to communicate and to work together. But it is more beneficial when your vendors have existing relationships and know each other as professionals. Think of your event design as the main dish and everything else is the side lol. The planner is the spokesperson for the client to ensure that the event aesthetic and logistics meet their expectations. The photographer needs a beautifully adorned space to take photos that will be remembered for a lifetime. The caterer needs gorgeous tablescape for their food presentation. The venue gives you a shell that you can transform in anyway that you would like. I think you get it….we all need each other for everything to come together in a cohesive manner. The Planner and Floral Designer relationship is key to executing a client's vision and transforming the space.

This is where Kelly (the floral designer) and Kathryne (the planner) come in!

Kathryne, DC Wedding planner & Kelly, DC floral designer, selfie photo

Kathryne: DC Wedding Planner

Hi, I’m Kathryne, your Wedding & Event Planner. I believe that wedding planning is a journey and it is my job to support you and to provide you with options so you can make the best decisions for your wedding or event. As a planner, I hope to provide clients with unique, strategic and thoughtful planning services by offering creative solutions and considering the details to make the planning journey efficient and meaningful.

Kelly: DC Floral Designer

Hi, I’m Kelly. Your Event Floral & Decor Expert. As a Floral Designer, my mission is to transform spaces into a floral ambiance that enhances the event experience. I don’t like to just label myself as a florist because full event production is more than just florals. Executing a client's vision and transforming spaces requires creativity and strategy. Our focus is to elevate an event from ordinary to a refined masterpiece.

Fun Fact:

Kelly and I both started our businesses in the same month of the same year - July 2018. We’ve made it 5 Years!! Woo Hoo!!

Kathryne, DC Wedding planner & Kelly, DC floral designer, selfie photo

Our Partnership:

Kelly: You won’t believe that we found each other through LinkedIn! I wanted to work with a planner that had a good understanding of the DMV area client and someone of like mindedness that wanted to grow together in business. I’ve worked events with and without a planner and there is a huge difference in how the logistics of the event flows when a planner is present. Also, a skilled event planner is a great support to me in helping clients understand the decor aspect of an event.

Kathryne: I wanted to work with someone that appreciates hard work, understood the value of teamwork and someone that was looking for an in depth partnership. Kelly and I connected since day one and we immediately saw that we both aligned with each other’s values and had a passion for our work!

We met on a zoom call in Nov 2022. In 2023, we hit the ground running going to venue tours together, having planning meetings and working on a client project together.

Our partnership is unique in that we offer client full service planning and design packages.

Our goal is to plan and design events in the DMV area that exceeds our clients expectations.

So, what is the difference between a Planner, Designer, and Florist?

  • Planner: A planner helps with the logistics and details of an event from beginning to end. Managing the timeline, managing the details, communicating with vendors and supporting the client's and their guests are all a part of a planner's responsibility. A planner can also support event design in regards to functionality for the event, guest experience and how it all comes together in the floor plan. Not all planners have design included in their services.

  • Designer: A designer focuses on the aesthetics of the event. How will it look and feel? They can create mood board inspiration and know the specific vendors to execute the design plan. Design is a service that can be offered by both the planner and florist.

  • Florist: A florist elevates the event by adorning it with flowers and other decor. Florals create impact to the event and transform the space.

Kelly: As a Floral Designer, I rely on my planner to guide the flow of the event and to provide logistics such as timelines and floorplans. This helps to give direction to my team. The planner also ensures that vendors have enough time for installation and try not to overlap each other too much. The better communication that I have with Kathryne gives me any insight to last minute changes and design the best game plan for transforming the space.

Kathryne: As a Planner & Designer, my collaboration with Kelly is crucial in making sure the design is executed flawlessly from concept to setup. We also can compliment and elevate each other’s ideas. We both have access to wedding vendor professionals that can help make your vision of your wedding/event come to life. And we both are communicating and working together on the logistics from a design and a planning perspective.

Why is networking with Event Professionals Essential?

  • Creates a community of trusted professionals. There is a good understanding of work style and ethic.

  • We are able to collaborate on different events.

  • We refer each other's services to our clients because we want our client's event to be a success.

  • We are able to offer our clients more design elements to bring their vision to life.

Relationships of mutual benefit are highly valued currency in this industry. No one can do it alone and the best way to increase visibility for maximum results is to work alongside another industry professional that has a passion for events just like you do! It’s always best to connect with a person with standards and ethics that align with your business because you both share a common goal. Together, you can grow and provide a service that meets or exceeds client expectations.

Kelly and I wish to support clients with planning and designing weddings and events in the DMV area and beyond. We can’t wait to get creative for your event! We are looking forward to the rest of 2023 & all the things 2024 has in store. Stay tuned for some behind the scenes looks and details about some of the venues we have visited this year in the DMV area.

Contact us if you are looking for one of the best vendor teams in the DMV area!

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