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I love the Article,"Beautify Your Marriage More Than Your Wedding" By Forever Bride

Updated: May 29

I love weddings and I love planning them! I get "all the feels" going through the process of supporting a couple plan their special day. I also absolutely respect Marriage. A wedding is the start to a marriage and it should be celebrated. It is not too often that we see articles or photographs that share the perspective of what life is like after the wedding day. I love seeing everything wedding related, but I also like to see when couples are doing the work in their marriages. I am truly glad to see that Forever Bride has a similar perspective.

Forever Bride's article "Beautify Your Marriage More Than Your Wedding" was a great read. They shared the perspective of comparing weddings to other people's weddings or Pinterest and even jealousy. And it's hard not to compare or strongly admire and terribly want what's on Pinterest, right? I have to raise my hand for that one. But Forever Bride gives great advice on focusing on what you are excited about for your wedding and marriage and to write it down. They also give a few other tips/guiding questions. I love the wedding ideas we see on a daily basis, but it is also good to see the people who are sharing tips on marriage.

I came across Forever Bride last month and I totally fell in love with them. I felt that everything they represent is very similar to my own beliefs and values. I feel that they match what I want my business to be connected to. My business is founded on the belief that beauty, grace, love and creativity is found in the details and "simple is beautiful". Forever Bride's article definitely encourages couples to Beatify their marriage and it's Beautiful!

Thank you Forever Bride!

Kathryne Carter, Grace and Virtue Events, LLC